Product Fire Test Certification All products supplied by Hamron Steel LLP have been fire tested to BS 476 Parts 20 and 21and assessed using the principles for assessment of fire protection products in the Yellow Book, published by the Association of Specialist Fire Protection by Warrington Fire Research and the Building Research Establishment (BRE)

As part of our overall commitment to achieving quality installation of passive fire protection systems, Hamron Steel is readily available for site visits, dry film inspections and general project assistance. On project completion, Certificates can be issued in line with Association for Specialist Fire Protection recommendations and the Steel Construction Institute publication P160 criteria.

All products will have a Certificate Of Supply with them outlining the Site Address, Applicator, Area etc.. which can be used to satify the requirments of BUILDING CONTROL in Northern Ireland and Local FIRE AUTHORITY in the Republic of Ireland.

Please ensure you fill in required information to avail of this.


The materials described in this Certificate are designed to protect life and property in the event of fire; therefore it is incumbent on the contractor to apply these materials strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions. This Certificate is only valid if the area and degree of fire protection required on site correspond with those stated on this certificate. Any surplus material will only be accepted by HAMRON on production of all copies of this Certificate, together with revised area and fire protection details authorized in writing by the Architect, Designer or other responsible party. Any returns will only be accepted subject to HAMRON’S Conditions of Sale. Upon completion of application of material this Certificate should be signed and dated by a responsible member of the Contracting Company and 2 copies forwarded to the Architect, Main Contractor or Proprietor. One copy should be retained by the Contractor.


This Certificate is only valid if completed by both HAMRON and the applicator. Details of area and degree of fire protection must correspond to those on site. One copy should be forwarded to the relevant regulatory body, the remaining copy being retained for inclusion in the documents relating to the building.


This Certificate is issued as evidence of the supply and application of products supplied by HAMRON to the specified substrate and area at the site named. It is only valid when completed by both HAMRON and the applicating contractor and when the details given correspond with those on site.

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